This page was created to share the process of building our home with those who are interested.
I will keep it updated as things progress, so check back from time to time.

Last Updated on
May 03, 2003
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Have a look at our house plans!!

Our dream home
In the beginning. Our house plan started with this picture. The rest of the house is built around it.

Redline 10/06/98

Once again, it has been almost 2 months since my last update. We have been living in our new house for 2 months now. While we are nearly finished with everything, there will still be lots of small projects for some time.
Redline 08/03/98

Lots of progress since my last update. This is mostly because it has been 2 months. Best of all, we are now living in the house.
Redline 05/30/98

Stone work is underway. Trim carpenters are nearing completion. Doors are in, tile work is done, hardwood floors installed, and painters are started on exterior.
Redline 04/27/98

Sheet rock is done and ready for texturing. Gas, Water and Septic Lines are in progress.
Redline 03/10/98

Roof is finished. Heat and air are complete. Rough electrical is 75% complete.
Redline 02/22/98

Roof is ready to install. Rough plumbing is 80% complete.
Redline 02/13/98

Windows are mostly installed. Siding is started.
Redline 02/11/98

Framers have worked for 13 days now. Roof decking is mostly complete. Windows and siding are next.
Redline 02/08/98

Framers have worked for 10 days now. Roof framing is mostly complete. Walls and roof decking are next.
Redline 02/05/98

Framers have worked for 9 days now. Second floor walls are up and roof is shaping up.
Redline 02/03/98

Framers have worked for 7 days now. Second floor framing is nearing completion.
Redline 01/30/98

Framers have worked for 4 days. We are amazed by how much they have accomplished.
Redline 01/28/98

Framers have only worked for one day. These guys don't let any grass grow under thier feet.
Redline 01/10/98

Stemwalls are formed and ready to pour.
Redline 01/04/98

Footings are done. Stem walls are the next step.
Redline 10/07/97

In the beginning. Dozer clears road and builds house pad.
Redline 08/15/97

Pre-Construction pictures. This is what the land looked like when we bought it.
Special thanks to our architect Tommy Coates for a spectacular design!!

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