Semi-Live Construction Cam *
Last update = About a week to a month ago but maybe longer depending on all sorts of stuff!!

Semi-Live Construction Cam

We have been in the house for 2 months now!! Almost everything is finished.

* Semi-Live means that this photo will update as frequently as I can fill up a roll of 35 mm film, drop it off at Target, get it developed, scan one of the photos, and replace the darn thing. You didn't really think I could afford to put a live camera and an Internet connection out in the middle of nowhere did you?? Heck, I don't even have a phone line (or a need for one) on the place yet. Delays may occur due to busy schedules, procrastination, broken or lost scanners, drunkeness, or or just plain old lazyness!! Besides, this is my home page and I can do whatever I darn well please!!

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